The BEST referral incentive in the business! 

Here's how it works:

First - Talk to your friends or business you work with about their Auction needs. If you think it is something we can help them with, see if they are interested.

Second - Talk to us. Fill-out the simple form here so we can chat with you and make sure we understand everything we need to know about the situation. 

Third - Once an Auction is signed and running, be sure to help your own cause by sharing the link with everyone you know. Remember - the more the Auction collects, the better you are compensated!

Lastly - Brainstorm ways to spend your new slush fund. Trip to Vegas? A new pair of boots? A new hunting rifle? Perhaps you want it made out to your favorite Nonprofit Organization instead? Funds are distributed two weeks following the Auction. 

The Legal Stuff:

Referral incentives are for any Auction that was referred to Fanberg Auctions and results in collected Auction proceeds in excess of $5,000. 1% of total collected Auction proceeds will be paid to the referrer that provided Fanberg Auctions with the name of the contracted Seller prior to the Auction Contract being signed.

This offer is only good once per Seller and only for the first auction they hold with Fanberg Auctions. This offer may be redeemed multiple times by Referrers, however. A Referrer is defined as the person that informs Fanberg Auctions of the sale and completes the online form. Only one referrer will be awarded this bonus per Auction Seller, with a maximum of one bonus per Seller. 

Fanberg Auctions reserves the right to discontinue this promotion at any time and for any reason. 

Offer excludes collected Buyer's Premium, Sales Tax, Vehicle Fees and/or any other fees collected above and beyond the final hammer price of the Auction.  K-BID Online Auctions, Inc. is in no way liable, responsible, or a party to this promotion offered by Fanberg Auctions. 

Payments made directly to Nonprofit Organizations must be acknowledged with a hard copy receipt from the organization listing Fanberg Auctions as the contributor of the funds. 

Refer any Auction (over $5,000 in collected bid prices) to Fanberg Auctions and receive 1% of the collected bid prices. 

Better yet - Fanberg Auctions will MATCH that 1% if you ask us to make the check out to a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the State of Minnesota!

Tell your friends who YOU trust to run your Auctions. Fanberg Auctions does it right.

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