Fanberg Auctions is a Full Service Auction company ready to serve you with any of your Auction needs. 

Fanberg Auction's specialties are fleet vehicles, commercial surplus, construction related assets, Municipal (Police, Fire, Maintenance) and general items. No auction is too big or small to handle. 

To see past auctions conducted by P.J. and prices realized, click here. 

Thanks to's massive regional presence, Fanberg Auctions can get your Auction in front of the largest bidder database in the upper Midwest. 

Our Core Principles

Our customers will be better-off after they have used our services than they were before we knew them.

Do the best, not the most.

Handle your business without people knowing your business.

Competition is a good thing; it forces us to do our best. 

​Don't forget to smile. 

Our Primary service area. (Are you outside of this area? No problem! If we can make it work, we will sure try!)

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